Veta Universal

by brian d foy

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Now that I have a Nokia 3650 phone, I get to explore all of the fun toys and software that use Bluetooth.

My latest fun has been Veta Universal, which hooks up with my PowerBook through Romeo. With it I can control various applications and features, such as starting the DVD Player, adjusting the volumes, controlling iTunes, flipping slides in Keynote or PowerPoint (expect to see that at a conference soon), and many other things. All of this and more for $8.

Installation was not as straightfoward as it could have been, and the documentation and web site have some room for improvement, but some of that is my unfamiliarity with how the phone does things. This is the first application I have installed on my phone.

It is pretty simple: transfer the Veta file to the phone with Bluetooth File Exchange. For some reason I keep getting a warning that says the phone does not know what to do with the file type, but I ignore that. The file shows up in my incoming messages, and when I open it the phone puts it in the right place with a little prompting (and I just do what it tells me).

This is where I was a bit confused. I started Romeo on my laptop, but it could not find the phone, although I could tell it was attempting a Bluetooth connection. I have to start the Veta application before Romeo can connect to the phone.

If you have not paired your phone with your computer already, you have a few other steps to get this to work.

Romeo has a couple of settings to handle the phone going out of range and coming into range, and it can automatically reconnect(or not). I can even set my open AppleScript commands to run for these events.

I have not had a lot of time to play with Veta yet, but I was hooked in the first few minutes. Now I just have to figure out how to write my own Romeo plug-ins.

Do you use Veta?


2004-03-09 07:04:43
Veta/Romeo is a jury rig
When I evaluated Veta/Romeo it was the only option. I found it a bit clunky. My phone repeatedly asked me to give the computer permission to connect. Very irritating. The NEXT day, Salling Software announced their award winning Sony/Ericsson software would support Nokia/Symbian phones. I downloaded the program and now things run smoothly.

The only issue I have is with the Bluetooth power. The main thing I want to do is pause iTunes and bring up a screensaver when I take a coffee break. The problem is that my Bluetooth range is over 100 feet (so it never detects a disconnect)! I am using a PowerBook 17 1.33Ghz laptop and Nokia 3650. Is there any way to lower the range of Bluetooth (either on the phone, or the PowerBook?).

Salling Clicker is far superior. Only $12 more. Well worth it. My favorite feature? When you listen to iTunes the album art of the current track displays on the phone! On the other hand I still haven't figured out how to pause iTunes with Salling Clicker.

2004-03-09 08:06:00
Veta/Romeo is a jury rig

To pause (or unpause) just press the joystick in!

I would add that when you press any button Salling Clicker shows a cool overlay of what is happening (similar to OS X's transparent overlays when you raise/lower the volume or eject a disc).

2004-03-09 11:25:58
Veta/Romeo is a jury rig
I have not had this problem, but I am looking into Salling Clicker as well.

Thanks :)