Vienna Calling

by Robert Daeley

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Vienna is a Mac OS X news aggregator in the same vein as NetNewsWire, but open source. While it certainly isn't as featureful as others in the field, Vienna seems to have the basics down pretty well already. Unpolished in spots, but definitely promising. Being that it's open source, if you have the skills to make it better, you can.

A tip. Vienna has a preference so you can choose to 'Mark current article read' either 'After next unread article is displayed' or 'After a short delay'. However, the delay is far too long for my taste as I jam through headlines I want to ignore.

Thankfully, there is an item in the .plist file for Vienna that can adjust the time of delay. Open up the file ~/Library/Preferences/ in a text editor or the Property List Editor if you have the developer tools installed. The item is 'MarkReadInterval', which is set at 0.500000 seconds. I changed it to 0.100000, which feels, yes, snappier. ;)