Virtual PC vs. Ubuntu 6.06 (and Parallels Desktop for Mac)

by Todd Ogasawara

I've been spending a lot of time playing with the Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization software (see Parallels Desktop for the Mac and (Short Cuts PDF) Windows for Intel Macs) recently. So, I decided to pay some attention Microsoft's Virtual PC 2004 which recently became a free downloadable product. I installed Windows XP Pro SP2 and Ubuntu Linux 6.06 on the Intel Mac, so it seemed like an interesting idea to install Ubuntu Linux using Virtual PC too.


anjan bacchu
2006-07-25 14:19:51
hi there,

thanks for the post.

isn't there a way to track resource usage on VirtualPC ? On Windows, if Virtual Memory is getting exhaused, windows posts a warning to the user.

It would be nice if VMWARE, XEN, VirtualPC can do the same.


2006-11-09 13:23:32
I installed Ubuntu 6.06 -desktop on VPC on my Mac Powerbook laptop. Yes, I had to use "safe graphics mode", but it installed fine. Runs slow as a dog though even after I gave it 512 MB.


2007-06-12 08:18:01
if you were going to install only one which would it be?
Todd Ogasawara
2007-06-14 09:33:22
stevew: I don't understand your question. Virtual PC 2004 (now replaced by 2007) is for Microsoft Windows while Parallels Desktop for Mac is for the Mac. Parallels does have a version for Linux and Windows which I have not tried though.
Joseph Lopez
2007-10-07 12:48:04
Theres also an alternate cd where u dont run the live mode u just install it very faster. and Maybe u should just boot >.<