VirtualBox vs. VMware 2.0 Smackdown

by Dustin Puryear

Speaking of VirtualBox (yes, I actually spoke about it here), Jason Perlow just wrote a good review of the two in his blog.

I’ll be honest—and a little embarrassed—I didn’t even know about VirtualBox until last month. And when I read Jason’s blog just now I turned over to one of the guys here and he didn’t even know about VirtualBox (apparently my consultants don’t read my blog, I should work on that).
VirtualBox is getting cooler and cooler in my eyes. And the fact that it runs on my platforms that VMware is even cooler.

I have a feeling that VirtualBox is going to bust out pretty soon on the commercial scene in some way or another, probably via a third-party developer that releases enterprise-grade management and deployment tools.



2008-05-29 16:18:13
I downloaded the newest Virtual Box when I installed the new Hardy Heron...installed without a problem, loaded windows XP into and was overjoyed at how well it worked.

Had tried VMware and am sorry to was way beyond my comprehension.