Vista Gets Real

by Preston Gralla

I've just installed the latest Vista build, and I'm pleased to report that it's finally real. Builds up until now have been flaky, and to a great extent not particularly functional. But this one is the real McCoy.

I can't say the installation was trouble-free. It refused to recognize my network card until I used a bit of brute force. And although Internet access is fine, I can't connect to my home network. And, of course, there's a good deal still missing. But still it's almost all here.

The first things that strikes you about this build is just how beautiful it is. You'll find transparent windows, rich colors, elegant animations and better-looking icons.

The Windows Switcher feature is probably the best new addition . Click the icon on your Task Bar, and all of your open windows will be displayed, floating in three dimensions, and angled, so you can see them all and easily switch between them.

There's even an instant-off feature that shuts Vista down pronto --- actually, it really hibernates the computer so you can turn it back on instantly as well.

There's a lot more here as well, as I'll be reporting in the coming months. Keep your eyes here for more on every Vista build until launch.

Have you tried Vista yet? What do you think?


2006-01-04 12:29:43
Since my last comment didn't appear I'm just testing if this works at all.
2006-01-04 12:31:52
Gets real close to OS X?
So it looks as nice as OS X, has a feature like ExposŤ from OS X and has a sleep mode like OS X?

Congratulations Micro$oft!

Anything original in there?

P.S. your comment system doesn't accept a post second time if you didn't put a subject the first time you try to post.

2006-01-04 15:03:55
Gets real close to OS X?
And of course people will think those are Micro$oft innovations ;)

It's a mix both from exposť and Sun's project looking glasses.

2006-01-04 18:20:05
previous post (s)...
LOL.first you need to learn how to use an os before you become critical of another. are you "using" an apple os?
2006-01-04 18:39:20
looking glass
LOL. Dimenhydrinate to go with that?
2006-01-05 02:28:28
previous post (s)...
Which previous post? How about learning how to reply to the post you're talking about! Duhhhhhhh.
2006-01-05 02:50:40
Gets real close to OS X?
Have a look at "Windows Flip" and "Windows 3D Fip" at the bottom of this page:

The thumbnails in flip are so small as to be useless and 3D flip forces you to scroll through your windows to get the one you want.
Exposť is already way ahead of this. In the demos they show 5 windows at a time, calm down there power user. Let's see how good it looks when you have to scroll through 30 windows in 3d flip mode to get to what you want. Then again if Vista works anything like other versions of Windows it'll crash long before you get 30 windows up!

Do they have a 3D BSOD? Now that would be cool.

Anyone who wants to have a go at me for being a Windows basher listen up. Every single time I visit a PC using friend who knows I work with computers they always have a list of problems with their PC waiting for me to fix. I set another friend up with a Mac years ago and he is still good to go. His macs helps him to work instead of putting up barriers.
Microsoft needs to concentrate on getting this sh!t to work instead of copying ideas from others.

2006-01-05 14:13:33
Gets real close to OS X?
About your final comment. Give me a break, apple would have the same problem if it had %90 penetration.
2006-01-05 20:58:19
Gets real close to OS X?
"they always have a list of problems with their PC waiting for me to fix" LOL. typical cult member
response. did "steve" LET you "work" with "your"
computer? great software, neat hardware, goofy
human interface(s). i have ran all the vista beta
stuff. it's beta. apple is too claustrophobic for
for me. same w/ many linux distros (looking glass,
LOL). please, not another cult confession. and as
far as sh!t, what do you think is WORKING in most
systems 'round the world? L.ron jobs and Co.?
2006-01-05 21:04:02
previous post (s)...
the previous posts were addressed. yours. LOL.
if you can give up the L.ron jobs crusade for a moment...LOL.
2006-01-05 21:53:47
Gets real close to OS X?
"His macs helps him to work instead of putting up barriers" yes citizen, they do...LOL. do they come
with fries?