Vista release pending

by Jonathan Wellons

It struck me the other day that the Operating System Microsoft will be releasing next year is the same one I was writing about for my Technology column in a newsletter back in college, about 3 years ago.

A lot of things in my world have changed, but Microsoft's upcoming OS has been a steady rock. Thanks for keeping it real for me, Microsoft!


2006-07-27 17:03:54
Steady as a rock, except for the feature list of Vista three years ago included plenty more than what is coming out next year.
2006-07-29 07:25:01
Didn't you hear? Microsoft has said now that "Vista will be ready when it is ready". You can read into that meaning another slipped date release.

2006-08-02 03:37:39
No wonder Gates is going to draw back from the busssines. He watched The Matrix too many times and has seen the inevitable... not a pretty picture ah Neo, or should I say Bill?