[VistaSmalltalk:DistributedDeployment] Long Live DokuWiki!

by M. David Peterson

Realtime Deployment � Microsoft .Net and Smalltalk

I have recently been working with Gal Zsolt of CalmoSoft on improving several of the Vista Smalltalk tools.

As I have noted in previous blogs, almost all Smalltalk scripts have now been moved to the Vista Smalltalk Wiki, and load streams are generated dynamically from code contained in Wiki pages. Because of this change, it is now practical to do widely distributed code development. When CalmoSoft makes a change, I can test the code immediately - and vice versa.

The Wiki software has features like "access control lists", "user account management", and version control. It is also free, as are the Php programs that I have created for it.

And it is not only the Smalltalk code that can be developed in this way. All of the Xaml files used in Vst applications are also dynamically loaded from the Wiki. The Wiki technique should be ideal for graphic artists to participate in creating applications or games.

Vista Smalltalk is capable of distributed development and realtime deployment.

So I have been using DokuWiki for a good year and half and LOVE it for LOTS and LOTS of really good reasons such as those outlined above. Syvlain, Uche, and myself have been chatting on and off for much of that same time span about how much potential DokuWiki holds in regards to distributed application deployment, integrated distributed documentation deployment, etc... so when I read the above post from pfisk I thought "huh... Cool! It looks like another wiki engine has "seen the light."

Then again...

DokuWiki ROCKS! :D

NOTE: There are simply too many reasons why DokuWiki ROCKS!, and not enough time at the moment to list them. As soon as time allows I will try and update accordingly. In the mean time, here's a large chunk from a related post** from a while back entitled,

Top Five(5) Reasons darcs Kicks Source Code Control [-exp deleted as per blog 'intro' no-profanity policy]