Visual Studio 2005 Launch Event - Boston Area

by Jesse Liberty

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On January 11, The Boston Dot Net User's Group is presenting a Community Launch Event. There will be numerous speakers. I will be presenting on the following:

Some of the most powerful new controls in ASP.NET 2.0 encapsulate and facilitate the creation of Forms-based authentication, the dynamic or declarative assignment of users into roles (and role-based security) as well as personalization (allowing users to change the site to their own liking and then to have those changes preserved across sessions).

Arguably the most exciting aspect of personalization is the ability to allow your users to change the layout of key pages, and even to choose which features appear on a page, much as you might see in a My Yahoo page or on personalized pages offered by financial and other high-end sites. Web Parts fully encapsulate this ability and make offering these very advanced features to your users relatively easy.

Other speakers will discuss Master Pages, Navigation, Themese, Skins, Team System, New Controls, Snippets, and Databinding and ADO.NET 2.

For more information check the web site, which also includes time and directions.