Visualizing Color Space

by Mikkel Aaland

Last Tuesday night, at an ASMPNorCal event led by Bill Atkinson and Joseph Holmes titled, The Color of Nature: From High-End Digital Capture to Fine Art, I watched an entire room of professional photographers experience an epiphany.


2007-09-16 15:14:44
According to the chromix site, ColorThink Pro is $399, not $199.
Mikkel Aaland
2007-09-16 15:22:46
Thanks DHM, I updated the price.
Kevin Ford
2007-09-17 05:10:30
As a free alternative (for Mac users anyway), you can use Apple's built-in ColorSync Utility (under Applications/Utilities). Not as flexible as ColorThink but it does provide a very similar visualization. In ColorSync Utility, click the Profiles button on the toolbar, then select one of the ColorSync profiles from the list to view a 3D model of that profile's color space. Click and drag the model to rotate it.

Now, click the little arrow in the upper left-corner of the plot area to view the plot options. On there, choose "Hold for comparison". You can now choose one other profile from the list and the two will be overlaid atop one another.