Visualizing the O'Reilly Connection Network using FOAF and Graphviz

by Tim O'Brien

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While most people were enjoying a relaxing weekend, I really needed to stay up until 2 AM this morning and create graphs of FOAF "networks". Instead of 8 hours of sleep, I drank far too much soda, and did battle with Python's ClientCookie, O'Reilly Connection, Graphviz, and FOAF. The results are on Flickr...


Maybe if someone had a FOAF feed that also included links to DOAP documents we could create a political map of open source?


2005-08-22 10:46:49
Show us the code
This is so cool. I can't wait until you release the code =)

I want everybody to be able to create these.

2005-08-22 13:38:38
Great job
Impressive work. This is the kind of thing we hoped might happen. One of the problems with social networking is that you seldom get more than what you put in -- I list people I know and I get back a list of people I know (who accepted their invitations). Visualizing the data is a great way to explore patterns, and things start to emerge that you didn't know before.
2005-08-22 13:48:17
Great job
I'm going to release the code under an Creative Commons license and try to create a site so people can create graphs for themselves or groups of people.

Too few hours in a day. :-(

This is only possible because Connection exposes FOAF feeds. Other social networking providers keep this data very close to the vest...

2005-10-20 11:03:31
My Account
The pictures of your FOAF thing are really purty.

But I'd be happy if the connections of my connections were just listed with a "Connect To" link in "My Account"

So far, I've spent a fair amount of time just finding/linking to people I already know.

Where's the payoff?

I want to find somebody I *DON'T* know, through them, quickly and easily.

Isn't that one of the main reasons one joins these things?

Don't get me wrong -- I *LIKE* what I see so far.

But if it's not gonna hook me up with somebody I don't already know, the utility is pretty minimal.

Maybe I just missed it, or don't have enough links or something. I've only played with it for an hour or so...