VLC 0.8.5 Released

by Erica Sadun

The fine people at VideoLan.org have released version 0.8.5. Notable improvements include: Firewire DV-in support for Linux, more satellite DVB decryption modules, better real audio support, Macteltosh support, and lots of OS X UI enhancements. Until now, I've been using VLC 0.8.1, mostly so I could countinue to play FLV files. Not only did my FLV files play nicely in 0.8.5, the improved window design makes it unnecessary to keep both the playback and controller windows open at the same time. Very nice update.



2006-05-07 08:55:34
I love VLC, it's just the best. Of course I wish it would play WM3 files, but I hear that's coming soon. FSCK MICROSOFT! Long live Apple!
Erica Sadun
2006-05-07 09:00:23
fsck? Check and repair filesystem consistency? ;)
2006-05-08 04:26:24
This really is a nice update. I never knew earlier version played .flv files. I just jumped on the youtube bandwagon... :-)
I also like the UI. Having everything in one window sure is nice. Way to go VLC!