Vonage CEO Out and a Thank You

by Bruce Stewart

Probably not a huge surprise, but Vonage CEO Michael Snyder has stepped down today along with some other announced layoffs. A little more surprising is the news that Jeffrey Citron will step back in as interim CEO, but Citron's past problems are likely the least of Vonage's worries these days.

While most of the VoIP blogs are buzzing with the news of Snyder's departure this morning and making bets about how much longer Vonage will be in business, Craig Walker of GrandCentral posted a nice message of thanks to the VoIP pioneer.

Thank you Vonage. Although they seem to be on the ropes these days, everybody in the Voice 2.0, VoIP, emerging communications, etc. space, owes a debt of gratitude to Vonage. Vonage, through sheer might and will, made emerging communications companies relevant again. When the bubble burst in 2001 nobody was interested in emerging communications companies or services. David Lazarus of the SF Chronicle wrote an article about Dialpad that ended with the line “Internet telephony? A good idea. While it lasted.” No new companies were emerging. The telcos had won.


2007-04-12 14:59:55
Vonage laidoff 200 people today as part of their cost cutting effort.