Voodoopad-daddy - Wiki Everywhere

by Dion Almaer

James Strachan was talking about how Mike Cannon-Brookes was showing him Voodoopad for OS X. Mike showed me Voodoopad at the TSS Symposium, and since I just got a PowerBook, I decided to play with it.

Wiki is now everywhere. I can have an easy to edit version of my life, and a lovely trail of all that is important. The web has come to an application, and it is EXTREMELY easy to use.

Now, if there was a way where it could be easily shared when a user wants to (e.g. part of my "todo" list could be shared with my wife [to try to get her to do all the work] on our network, other areas should be shared with "everyone" like a wikiweb... etc. Work out some sync issues, and then you could have a wiki that is on the web, and follows you around. I love being able to sync up my notes to my iPod. Now my todo-list, info on what I am doing at the moment etc really is always with me.


2003-07-22 00:08:35
Works underway on a distributed VoodooPad...
Dunno if you spotted the comment on my blog, but it looks like Gus is trying to build an xml-rpc based wiki using VoodooPad...


- James

2003-08-01 16:54:22
Curious about your VoodooPad habits
I was wondering how you're actually going about using VoodooPad to create a "trail of all that is important". It sounds like you keep a to-do list there, but what other kinds of things do you track and how do you organize the information?

I've found VoodooPad really helpful, and have been using it mostly as a type of note-taking application. I know it can be much more powerful than that, though...it's *so* flexible, maybe I just need some ideas to send me in the right direction.