Votes For/Against Open Source Java

by Steve Anglin

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Borland, Fujitsu, HP, IONA, Nokia, and Oracle voted with Sun to
lock Open Source out of Java based on results of the JSR-99 vote,
as found on the site. According to Jakarta though, digging
behind the votes, you'll see companies like IBM sharing Apache's
view for fair and open source licenses.

What do you think this means, if anything?


2002-03-20 08:35:35
Looking for more information
Would you mind giving more summary regarding the history of this issue, and it's ramifications of this vote?

I am also curious on the details of Apple's vote.

Your opinions and speculations are also welcome.
Thank you.

2002-03-20 13:47:49
Looking for more information
Check out this article by Mike Loukides:

I'll look into Apple.