Vox for Skype

by Bruce Stewart

In a week sure to be chock full of product announcements coming out of Fall VON, the first one that caught my eye is from the folks at Voxlib who just released a tool for using Skype from any mobile phone.

Vox for Skype is unique among the products vying to get Skype tied into your mobile phone in that it doesn't require any software to be downloaded or installed onto the mobile handset. You do need to install the Vox for Skype app on your PC, but it interfaces with your mobile phone with SMS and voice prompts via an IVR. Use of Vox for Skype is free for now, but I would expect that to change once they've attracted a decent amount of users.

As Voxlib president and CEO Stéphane Marceau explained to me, they decided to go this route so they could make the service work for the largest possible audience. Considering that most mobile users already have some familiarity with IVRs, Vox for Skype is a tool that can practically instantly allow any Skype user to extend their service to their mobile phone. While I would probably prefer a phone-driven application to handle this kind of thing, it's hard to argue with Voxlib's plan for launching with the largest audience reach possible.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to fit the Fall VON conference into my schedule this year, it's already sounding like a great show. Om has a nice preview of what to expect, and Alec Saunders already appears to be blogging up a storm from the conference. Even though I can't be in Boston, I'll be dressing in solidarity with my VoIP peers tomorrow anyway - I have a closet full of hawaiian shirts.