[VST:FOTD] This Ain't Your Fathers Jabber/XMPP!

by M. David Peterson

Designer Widget Properties � Microsoft .Net and Smalltalk

The Designer widget is now updated with z-ordering working and a new panel for changing several common properties.

Designer running in IE7 with property panel opened

The next updates will include exporting and importing of Xaml to permit Vst sessions to share interfaces through Jabber instant messaging.


NOTE: Okay, so technically speaking, anything that can be wrapped inside of an XML envelope can be passed as a message via Jabber/XMPP, so I guess this kind of *IS* your fathers Jabber/XMPP -- But did your father ever do this?

Combine XAML, WCF and Jabber/XMPP and what you have is a *WHOLE NEW WORLD* of XML goodness streaming your direction.

Of course, XML as an *OVER THE WIRE CROSS-PLATFORM DATA FORMAT* is nothing new. In fact, it's what XML is all about. Add VST and WPF/e to the mix and --

Well, I'll let you decide for yourself what you believe the next generation of Web-based applications will be built with, but if you want my opinion: Please see the above mentioned acronyms.

Thanks for the sneak-peek into the future here and now, Peter!


2006-11-18 17:16:10
That's Windows-only, isn't it?
M. David Peterson
2006-11-18 17:38:21
Hey stelt,

Well, yes and no -- At the moment, until WPF/e is released for both Mac and Linux, unfortunately the answer is yes. That said, it is my understanding the MSFT is prepared to release WPF/e for Mac in Q1 of next year (I've heard about working demos at various shows, so from what I can gather its more of a strategic release schedule rather than a "we're not done yet" schedule, and therefore fairly reliable in regards to the release date), and Linux "sometime thereafter." My guess is that latest MSFT/Novell relationship will include the co-development of the Linux version of WPF/e though this is pure speculation.

Anybody have any insight on this?

M. David Peterson
2006-11-18 17:40:38
NOTE: The WPF/e mentioned above links to the Wikipedia entry for WPF/e @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WPF/e#WPF.2FE which reads,

Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere is a cross platform extension to WPF to provide a subset of WPF features, such as hardware accelerated video, vector graphics, and animations to platforms other than Windows Vista. Specifically, WPF/E will be provided as a plug-in for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Linux, and mobile devices.

These extensions will allow the browsers and other applications to use WPF/E graphical capabilities. The browser extensions will be in the line of Macromedia Flash, a highly popular graphic plug-in available for most browsers. Internet Explorer will have native support for WPF in Windows Vista, and will support WPF/E in older versions.

WPF/E will work in concert with XAML and will be scriptable with Javascript, it will also contain a version of the Common Language Runtime so it can execute VB.Net and C# code.

2006-11-19 22:22:36

2006-11-22 03:30:59