W3C embrace Web 2.0

by Dan Zambonini

Related link: http://www.w3.org/2006/webapi/

The W3C have recently chartered a Web APIs Working Group, which could help with the development and standardization of underlying Web 2.0 technologies.

The group has been asked to look at a number of important issues, including:

  • An API specification for HTTP functionality, starting with XMLHttpRequest (the basis of AJAX).

  • An API specification for a client interface, including interfaces beyond the humble desktop browser.

  • API specifications for other network communication methods, which will look at adding (and standardizing) functionality such as instant messaging into web applications.

  • An API specification for persistent storage on the client. This one could be pretty exciting (and scary at the same time); allowing client side applications to manage their own cookie equivalents.

  • An API specification for drag and drop

  • An API specification for monitoring the progress of resources as they are downloaded

  • An API specification for file upload

And more. All we'd need then is for the major browsers to support these new APIs! How hard can that be...?