W3C XML Schema Slanted Toward West

by Richard Monson-Haefel

Related link: http://www.devx.com/free/press/2000/110100.asp

I was surprised to discover that the XML Schema date types are tied to a single calendar system, the Gregorian (Western) calendar. Its funny that XML Schema uses an international character set, Unicode, but not an international calendar system. Although Java and C# both use Gregorian as their default, they also support other calendar systems. The article was written in November of 2000, so I contacted the author, Lee Anne Phillips, to discover if plans for the next version of XML Schema included support for an international calendar system. She said no. Apparently, people can't agree on how to implement an international calendar system so its been shelved. Just so you know, people do use calendars other than the Gregorian. While its true that calendars are not as varied as languages, they deserve the same consideration as non-English languages. Its not a matter of being politically correct, it's simply logical and practical.