Waiting for any shoes to drop

by Chris Adamson

WWDC starts in 5 days, complete with the requisite SteveNote, but you wouldn't know it from the rumor sites. Usually by this point, we've seen lots of red herrings (and more than a few accurate calls) about what Steve's going to show, but so far, what've we got?

Mac OS Rumors latest reports are about a possible Sirius satellite deal that involves the iPod, and a dubious report that Apple so wants to launch the iTunes phone that it will erect cell phone towers at its Apple stores. Wasn't aware that leasing a storefront at the mall gave you rights to erect towers on the roof, but whatever.

Think Secret, has mostly been following up on publicly-available data, like the release of Mac OS X 10.4.1 and Jobs' demo of iTunes 4.9

Mac Rumors has stuck its neck out to predict... visual transitions for the iPod. And Tetris. Whoopee.

Oh, and respectable sources fell for the "Apple switching to Intel" story. Again.

So, compared with MacWorlds and WWDCs of the past, this is a remarkably quiet lead-up to a conference.

Granted, Tiger only just came out, capping a year and a half of OS X development, so developments on the system software front aren't likely. Hardware, then? Yeah, iBooks are due for a refresh. Yay. Maybe the iTunes phone will appear. Eh. A Tablet Mac? Steve has publicly soured on the idea.

Services? Cringely would have us believe that Apple is prepping an iTunes Music Store. The pieces - H.264 support in QuickTime, video integration in iTunes, the huge success of iTMS - are there, but the only source Robert X. can cite is a single poster to Slashdot (could be a troll, could be W. Mark Felt), so you just don't know.

As a bad comic book would say:

It's quiet. Too quiet.

Either this is going to be the most uneventful WWDC ever, or Steve's got something really amazing really clamped down. Guess we'll find out on Monday.

What do you think will be revealed at WWDC?


2005-06-01 19:33:00
10.4.1 ... you mean 10.4.2?
Chris, I think you have a typo where you mention ThinkSecret's rumor of 10.4.1 next week. 10.4.1 was released back on May 16th.

Tim Flight

2005-06-01 19:45:21
Prepping an iTunes Music Store?
Chris, I think you've got another typo. Don't you mean "prepping an iTunes Music Video Store", not "prepping an iTunes Music Store"?

Tim Flight

2005-06-02 02:50:07
Prepping an iTunes Music Store?

Correct - Cringely is writing about an alleged "iTunes Movie Store". Thanks.

2005-06-02 02:52:26
10.4.1 ... you mean 10.4.2?

No, I do mean 10.4.1 - they had a piece about it after it became available. Similarly, they followed up on everyone else's stories about Jobs showing an iTunes 4.9 preview that supported pod-casting. My point being that most of what they've had lately is publicly-available, well-known material.

2005-06-02 06:36:50
Crazy Apple Rumors
You forgot the all-important Crazy Apple Rumors, which provides insight into the dearth of rumors. Conspiracy abounds!