Walt Mossberg Sums it Up Best: Include a nano case

by Derrick Story

I've been covering the iPod nano since its release. And I have to say, to date, it seems to be one of the most discussed iPods since the original product launch. We all know there's a bad batch of nanos out there with screen problems. But the other discussion, and the one that I think ultimately needs resolution, concerns the surface coating of the device.

I think Walt Mossberg sums it up best when he wrote today, "I believe Apple should include a strong, thin case with every nano, starting as soon as possible. And Apple should research some sort of tougher coating for future nano models." I'm with Walt on this.


2005-10-06 11:01:45
They might not listen...
The coating is a serious issue, but all you hear in response is that it's the same old coating as before and it's the users' fault if it gets nicked.

You wonder why Apple isn't considering the possibility that something in the manufacturing process of the early nanos didn't work correctly. Or perhaps they have and don't want to admit it.

Including a case (soft or hard) or at least a screen cover would be good PR. Listening Apple?

2005-10-07 06:43:37
Third-party opportunity
Care to bet that within a month, we see transparent adhesive film, sold as "iPod nano screen-savers", at some absurd markup (say, $10 for a pack of 5)?