Wanted: Wiki-like platform for editing PHP pages online

by Sid Steward

Related link: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiEngines

I would like to maintain online PHP code using wiki-like features, such as: 'edit this page.' Also: page rollback, site versioning and site staging features would be nice. Such a thing should ease web service collaboration. Any recommendations?

What I want almost sounds like a WikiWithProgrammableContent for PHP. Almost, but not quite. I desire complete control, not just programmable extensions. And, I must admit, I'm not interested in facilitating the WikiWay.

Ariadne is a web application server that appears to fit the bill, except it seems too bulky. Wiki-like simplicity is what I desire. It does offer a nice, syntax-highlighting online PHP editor.

Edit This Page PHP sounds like it would work, with a little modification. If I want to modify an existing system, however, what would make the best foundation?

Many thanks.

Do you know a good WikiEngine for editing PHP code online?


2005-12-06 17:06:21
php src
You want to have an online file manager with [Edit] next to the names of .php files?
2005-12-06 18:00:16
php src
My first thought was a PHP editing framework as dynamic as a wiki's, with means for easy page creation and editing via browser.

As you point out, directory views would also be helpful.

ssh + emacs, after all?

2005-12-06 23:15:38
Check out Ning
Ning comes very close to what you are looking for:


It is a php hosting environment that allows online editing of applications plus cloning of existing apps.

Check it out! :-)


2005-12-07 03:19:51
Maybe have a look at DokuWiki (http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki)?
By default it doesn't allow html and/or PHP inside pages, but you can simply enable it in the config-file. Also, it uses a really simple templating system so you could in fact create a complete site with it and be able to edit every page by clicking 'edit this page'.
It also has nice syntax highlighting
2005-12-08 09:10:15
Thank you for these suggestions. DokuWiki looks promising.