Wapipedia: Wikipedia reformatted for your phone or PDA

by Todd Ogasawara

Related link: http://wapipedia.org

Peter Shanks posted a message on Geekzone's forum about why he created Wapipedia.org.

Peter Shanks' post about Wapedia on Geekzone

The end result is a clean phone/PDA screen friendly site that lets you query Wikipedia's vast knowledge store while on the move.
I just hope the site doesn't get Slashdotted!

If you know of other new phone and PDA friendly sites, let me know and I'll add it to my list on:
MobileViews Mobile Aware Site List

Know of other phone/PDA screen friendly sites? Let us know.


2005-07-06 07:45:52
limited data set?
Looks like Wapipedia doesn't include all of the data in wikipedia. Given that it's not editable, this sort of limits its usability.
2005-07-06 18:47:48
re: limited data set?
Just got a response from Peter that I thought I'd share with others here: he says that to get wapipedia up and running he used an old data snapshot he had lying around. He plans to update it with a very recent version soon, so we'll have crunchy wapipedia goodness then.

Thanks Peter!