Warsharing, anyone?

by Gordon Mohr

I can't read the Japanese, but from the Flash animation, it appears that Sony is offering a 20GB portable WiFi file server.

More information is available via the German site Computerwoche ("Computer Week"), in article: Sony announces WiFi Fileserver in the Walkman format (Google translation):

MUNICH (COMPUTER WEEK) - Japanese electronics company Sony has a portable file server presented which, which kommunziert over Wireless LAN with PCS and PDAs. The "Fsv-pg1" works with a Linux based operating system and contains a 20-GB-Festplatte in the 2,5-Zoll-Format, 17 GB of it is available for user data. The equipment fits with masses of 83 x 155 x of 31 millimeters loosely into a hand and weighs 390 gram. For the enterprise all thing a power pack is necessary, the internal Akku serves only for baking UP purposes.

The inserted ACCESS POINT (IEEE 802.11b) can serve according to manufacturer up to 250 users at the same time. Access to the stored files is possible over ftp, CIFS (Common InterNet file system) or NFS. By a Ethernet Cradle available as accessories the equipment can connect accessing Clients by WLAN in addition with the InterNet. As safety functions the Fsv-pg1 incoming inspection coding with alternatively 64 or 128 bits offers, stored files can by password be protected.

On the Net&Com 2003 in Tokyo the equipment is presented today to the public for the first time. It is to come at the end of March for converted 585 dollar on the Japanese market, the Cradle costs again scarcely 60 dollar. Whether and when the equipment appears also in this country, is not well-known.

You might call the kind of drive-by file sharing enabled by such devices "warsharing".

Would you grab files from a server which temporarily appeared within your wireless range?


2003-02-06 07:39:51
embedding servers
I don't know how the RIAA is going to stop this when it hits! I'll expect to see these devices playing a critical social role in high school cafeterias of wealthy suburbs within a year or two.

I am not doing any wi-fi today, but I'm predicting the wide scale use of embedded servers on small, portable, wireless devices within the next five years. It may seem needless or funny to think of a web server on a PDA or a directory server on a cell phone, but I'm sure some laughed off the idea of web browsers on cell phones 5 years ago.

And note the use of Linux. Having all these quality, free, standard pieces of software around is going to enable lots of cool new products to be delivered on the fast and cheap.

Maybe someday we'll all have JBoss implementations running in our cell phone pinky rings :)

2003-02-07 08:58:02
I hope it's programmable
At David Reed's Open Spectrum site, there's a amywohl
2003-02-11 07:54:43
What Might You Use it For
Mindboggling! I can imagine it for everything from a boy scout troup out hiking (and collecting data on birds, bugs, or whatever) to a military mission. More to the point, imagine it in any household, community (apartment house, housing development, dormitory, you name it) as a way to enable information sharing.

May I have one now, please?

2003-02-12 16:53:13
SweEt! DudE!
wow, i could throw that thing up on the window sill and let across the street in the park, dl stuff, and not kill my bandwidth and processor speed(im a kazaa user), and vice/versa, i could drive around the city and instead of shopping, i could dl stuff, sweeet!!!
2003-07-06 11:24:03
Sony personal Server
My wife picked me up one of these while she was in Japan cool tool a bit overated but it is a lot of fun