Watching the Lightroom Tutorial on AppleTV

by James Duncan Davidson

Several months back, I'd picked up the 8 QuickTime movies that composed the Adobe Lightroom Tutorial by Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe. At $14.95, it seemed like a great deal and a good way to potentially learn a few things. But, after intending to sit down and watch them with my girlfriend so that we could both learn a few things, it somehow never happened. Gathering both of us around a laptop wasn't appealing. And, every time I started to watch the videos, I always wanted to jump right back out into Lightroom to try something out. So, they sat there, gathering virtual dust in a folder on my hard drive. Waiting for a day to be watched. A day that was apparently not coming anytime soon.


Kim G
2007-08-07 13:15:23
Great idea Duncan. I watched them before we got an AppleTV. And who says procrastination is a bad thing?

Did you do anything special to make sure your AppleTV remote didn't trigger Front Row on your MBP? There has to be an easy way to temporarily disable FR or the infrared port on the MBP. I wish I were working from home today. :)

James Duncan Davidson
2007-08-07 14:21:48
Kim G: Just look at the System Preferences > Security preference panel. There's an option at the bottom there. That'll do the trick.
Kim G
2007-08-07 16:45:17
I know this is a little off topic, but do you print your own, or upload and print? If the later, which site do you like? I've been happy with SmugMug, but admit I haven't tried large prints (soon). My aging Canon i950 produces prints that, when un-framed, fade under the florescent lights at work.
2007-08-07 23:38:18
"From Camera to Print" is really a great tutorial. As you said about this LR tutorial, there is a lot of informations and tricks, even for people that are not new to digital printing. It's almost a one-day workshop at home (6.40' video).
James Duncan Davidson
2007-08-07 23:49:42
Kim: I do most of my own printing, but I haven't yet started distributing my prints widely. I'm actually looking into this right now to make a determination of which strategy I want to pursue. In what I've tried so far, all of prints I've had made don't match what I make at home on the HP B9180. That said, I haven't tried outsourcing to anything but Silver-based printers. There's a place across the street from me that does large format inkjet that I want to test out.

JohnD: Right on! I'm glad to hear it. I've ordered it up and am loading it into iTunes. :)

2007-08-08 07:25:56
kim, just pair the remote and you will not have that problem.

Pairing and Unpairing the Apple Remote with Apple TV

Pairing your Apple Remote with your computer

hope that helps.