Wayback HTML Forms?

by Gordon Mohr

Related link: http://www.archive.org/

The Wayback Machine, which lets you enter a date and an URL, and see the page as it was back then, is a spectacular resource. But I'm having a problem...

You see, I'm trying to login to my E*Trade trading account, as of November 1998:


Knowing what I know now, there are a lot of trades I really, really need to make back then.

But the Wayback Machine won't let me log in!

Do you think I should send a problem report to the Internet Archive, E*Trade, or both?

I guess it's not urgent, as long as it's fixed EVENTUALLY,
I'll be able to perform the necessary trades.


If the Wayback Machine allowed interactive HTML-form access to websites in the past, what would you do?


2002-05-15 12:13:05
First Post ^ infinity
I think I'd also go back and make myself the first post, on every Slashdot story, ever.