Web 2.0 your Mother would understand...

by Tim O'Brien

Related link: http://www.etsy.com

Having trouble explaining concepts like Folksonomy and Web 2.0 around the table during the holidays? Look no further than Etsy.com. This site provides an online exchange for handmade goods and crafts. It provides a fully-Web 2.0-compliant buyer and seller community for everything from vintage jewelry and wookworking to quilts and papergoods. It is Paper Source meets Flickr and it is the perfect vehicle to explain Web 2.0 concepts to a cynical audience. Read on...


2005-12-27 22:54:53
I am looking forward to more sites like etsy.com to hit the scene. it is refreshing to see that people are inventing creative alternatives to the eBay scheme of things. I sell google adsense websites on ebay and created http://www.ewebsense.com , so that people would be aware that there are alternatives to buying those cookie cutter adsense sites.