Web 3.0 is about creating Semantic Web

by Krishna Srinivasan

The Semantic Web is a web of data. There is lots of data we all use every day, and its not part of the web. I can see my bank statements on the web, and my photographs, and I can see my appointments in a calendar. But can I see my photos in a calendar to see what I was doing when I took them? Can I see bank statement lines in a calendar?

Why not? Because we don't have a web of data. Because data is controlled by applications, and each application keeps it to itself.

The Semantic Web is about two things. It is about common formats for interchange of data, where on the original Web we only had interchange of documents. Also it is about language for recording how the data relates to real world objects. That allows a person, or a machine, to start off in one database, and then move through an unending set of databases which are connected not by wires but by being about the same thing
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2006-12-11 19:15:20
Honestly, I have lost the dream of the semantic web.

We can't even get people to make compliant HTML pages. As someone who deals constantly with the myriad of ways people mess up RSS/Atom feeds and the various modules attached to them, I frankly have little to no hope that the kind of standardization of formats that people dream about will happen anytime soon.

2006-12-11 19:22:33
May be it is difficult to create the semantic web with meaningful data. The future of the web will be more focused on the user driven results rather just returning the same results for all the users. Its will look like AI.
2006-12-11 20:42:13
The ACUITY project has recently appeared on Sourceforge. http://acuity.sourceforge.net/ It is a semantic web application that learns behavior as the user interacts with the system and allows a variety of user-based customizations. Not a mature project, but seems promising...
2006-12-12 00:44:18
2006-12-12 04:53:13
As always, I saw the Semantic Web grow and fall and it is still best said with: "The Semantic Web is great... if it survives!"
Paul Browne - TIPE
2006-12-18 05:25:07
The idea of the Semantic web is good - but why should people make the extra effort to build it? As cooper says, getting people to write compliant (X)HTML pages is hard enough.

The only way I can see the semantic web taking off is (a)if the tools come embedded with it and (b) there is something in it for me. e.g. I will take the trouble to embed Technorati tags in my blog if it gets more traffic for my blog, but otherwise I'm not going to bother.