Web Apps Mean Never Having To Think About Your Processor

by chromatic

Adobe has released a beta of AIR for Linux. Good news, everyone with a 64-bit processor, or PPC, or Sparc, or ARM, or anything more exotic than 32-bit x86. AIR for Linux Release Notes say that all you need is:

Processor - Modern processor (800MHz or faster)

Finally, web applications have freed us from the tyranny of worrying about such difficult issues as endianness, alignment, and struct padding!


2008-04-02 23:27:05
I have to admit. That is a bit sloppy from Adobe.
Amir E. Aharoni
2008-04-03 05:27:01
Either i am missing a joke, or it actually says:

"Processor - Modern x86 processor (800MHz or faster, 32-bit)"

Note the x86 part and the 32-bit part.

2008-04-03 06:13:36
@Amir E. Aharoni
The page was edited today to add the x86 and 32-bit parts. You can still see the previous version that chromatic is commenting on.
Daniel Berger
2008-04-03 10:40:54
Well, it's not like they're losing a lot of users in the world of Sparc desktops. Expensive _and_ slow - what a combination!

But the x64 thing, yeah, that's lame. I wonder what the issue is?

2008-04-03 11:03:30
@Daniel, if it's anything like the Flash plugin for GNU/Linux, there's only one developer, and he's awfully busy just trying to get the code to compile, much less worry about 64-bit portability.