Web Crimes

by Carla Schroder

Web developers never visit their own sites or surf the Web at all. If they did, we would not have so many pure suck Web sites. Readability, navigability, and persistent searchable archives are apparently Crimes Against L33t Web Development. Why do site owners spend zillions of dollars for poo?


2006-10-12 16:15:40
I'd like to nominate this page for being squished all the way over to the left of the screen, and then only using about 50% of the horizontal space.

I don't mind the 50%, but there should be some padding on the left, perhaps moving one of the two columns on the right to teh left.

Carla Schroder
2006-10-12 19:12:35
That white space is for taking notes.

Dang, I slay me.

But wouldn't it be cool if you could use that space like a whiteboard?

2006-10-12 20:23:31
It would be cool if it had wheels like a whiteboard and could be moved over to the left hand side.
2006-10-13 01:50:01
Massive amounts of wasted space vs itty bitty text space.

Then again, "Web developers never visit their own sites".

Andrew White
2006-10-13 07:01:36
Actually, most of the time web developers argue against this stuff for hours on end, but ultimately web designers make the decisions. Web developers have to call it a win when you don't get a huge flash movie.
Carla Schroder
2006-10-13 10:34:31
Andrew, I stand corrected. I forget how many different people get involved in making these sorts of decisions. Now I have this mental image of designers in turtlenecks and granny glasses and cigarettes in holders squealing "oh, that's exquisite!" at all the wrong things.
2006-10-16 15:29:12
The ORA sites in general (including this page) seem to have their primary font reduced from my chosen size. Who felt it necessary to reduce my font to 75%? Why? Sure, fiddle with secondary text, headers, menus, etc.--but let my primary font alone!

Yes, I can disallow sites from changing fonts or font sizes, but then layouts tend to get really messed up and it's a one-size fits all option; currently, the lesser evil is increase the font size when it's necessary. But it shouldn't really be necessary!

2006-10-17 07:30:58
ah so it's not just me then?
having problems with all that white space off to the right there, glaring away at me, balnk, empty, screaming white space, empty .... white space ... the
blank horror of empty white space ... off to the right, there, over there, just
glaring at us ... balnk ... empty ... white .... space ... runs screaming to
the empty white room.
2006-10-17 12:04:37
You know, I don't mind the whitespace so much; while I'd like maybe a little more margin on the left, I also appreciate the fact that the lines of text do not extend all the way across my screen, which makes following line-breaks to the next line difficult.
Carla Schroder
2006-10-18 00:06:07
Perhaps we could consider the empty right-hand column as a meditative space; a place of calm; a chance to rest and restore our balance and feelings of wholeness.
So far, so good...

2006-10-21 22:01:30
didn't work for me....
2006-11-02 04:36:54
I could not agree more with you.

But regarding the PDF/DOC/ODT issue: Just enter the URL in a Google search box and they will probably be able to spit out a HTML version of those document formats. No pictures though.