Web Services Layer and XML News for Java

by Steve Anglin

In this announcement, you'll find the latest Web layer and XML release news on Tomcat, JAX-RPC, Jakarta-Taglibs, JSPTL, and JAXP 1.1 from Sun's Java Platform Group.


Tomcat 4.0 beta 3 (implementing Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2) was released on

Monday, April 2, 2001.  It includes all of the feature enhancements and bug

fixes of Tomcat 4.0 beta 2 (released the previous Friday), plus a fix for a

security vulnerability that was reported on Monday.  Anyone who downloaded

Tomcat 4.0 beta 2 should replace it with the beta 3 release, which can be

acquired from:


JAX-RPC is a new JSR (101) targeted to provide Java APIs for XML-based

RPC and focused on inter-operability with existing (SOAP) and emerging

(XMLP) standards.  The JSR got approved recently, and we just completed

forming the expert group, which has very wide industry support.  We will

keep you posted as the work of the expert group progresses.



The taglibs project at Jakarta has received a number of new tag

libraries recently.  Some examples include:

 - Tools - a new directory for tool support.  New content is an UltraDev

    extension to writing JSP pages that use tag libraries

 - JDBC - updated - to read from and write to an SQL database

 - Scrape - new - scrape or extract content from web documents

 - i18n - localization tags

 - mailer - JavaMail tags

There are several other very interesting tag libraries being discussed

and readied for integration.  Stay tuned!



JSPTL is the JSP Standard Tag Library that is being developed through

JSR-052.  Pierre Delisle is now co-lead for this expert group and

several new members have joined.  The newly invigorated group is making

very good progress.  There will be a session at JavaOne to report on the




JAXP 1.1

Java APIs for XML Processing 1.1 (JAXP 1.1) is now a final specification

done under the JCP2.0 (JSR 63). The FCS of the Reference Implementation

(RI) and the specification can be obtained from http://java.sun.com/xml.

The RI for JAXP 1.1 is based on code from the Apache Software Foundation's

crimson parser and xalan 2. All J2EE 1.3 and J2SE 1.4 compliant products

require to support JAXP 1.1.

Additional info for JAXP 1.1 can be obtained from:

Source: Sun Microsystems, Inc. This news was re-printed with permission of Sun Microsystems, Inc.