Web Services: More Smoke Than Fire?

by Steve Anglin

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SD Times' Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols says, "Ever since Microsoft decided that Web services provided by .NET were the next big wave for software development, all too many developers have gone gaga over Web services."

What do you think?


2001-12-31 17:44:52
More Fire than Smoke
Its not J2ME alone or webservices alone its both of them together in a client to server and back relationship that will present new opportunites for power, growth and new applications..

I mean I can right now develop a enterpirse application that runs on personaljava or j2me both client and server parts that surpases anything aan app using j2Me alone or using ejb alone could do on a mobile device..

And quite frankly telcom and other companies are setting up design contests using these technologies because they realize the benefits that it wil delivery to customers!