WebDesktop 2.5 and Tasks Jr

by Gordon Meyer

When WebDesktop arrived a couple of year ago I thought it was a cute idea. (I think it was also one of the first apps to take advantage of WebKit in an interesting way.) Now there's a new version, and it's still cute, but I'm quickly finding it useful for getting things done.

I use WebDesktop 2.5 to place my Tasks Jr.-based To Do list on the Desktop of my second monitor. This works out very well because you can't accidentally close the window, which is too easy to do when using a regular web browser for both task management and surfing, and the To Do list remains visible all the time where it can silently nag you. (Or maybe mock you, depending on your perspective.) When you need to mark a task as completed, or add a new item, just Command-Tab to WebDesktop (or click its icon in the Dock) and the WebDesktop window becomes fully interactive. Switch to another app, and the task list is instantly back on your Desktop in full view, but again inactive. The new version of WebDesktop has only been out a short time, but so far this technique is working out very well for me.


2006-03-24 07:10:36
Thanks for the pointer to WebDesktop 2.5. I've been looking for a To-Do list program program for my Mac and Tasks Jr. seems interesting. Did you try out other To-Do list programs before you settled on Tasks Jr.? I'm curious as to what else is out there, but to-do list programs for the Mac are hard to track down. Thanks!
Gordon Meyer
2006-03-24 09:03:50
Joel - I've tried a bunch, and for years used a system I created using TinderBox. I switched to Tasks Jr about a year ago because, due to its server-based design, I can access it from any computer.
2006-03-24 09:26:32
Thanks Gordon. I enjoy your reviews. You've brought to my attention a number of products I wasn't aware of that would be helpful to me including Tasks jr. (which I will install at my host provider) and Phlink. Thanks a bunch for your insight. It's appreciated.