WebLogic the Platform. Is that what we needed?

by Dion Almaer

BEA announced the GA of WebLogic Platform 8.1. This consists of the already GA'd WLS, and JRockit, plus the new suite (up to date versions of portal, integration, workshop, etc. If you have worked with these products, you would have probably been frustrated when making sure they all work together (when you need SPX for WLS, but that breaks portal, etc etc). In that regard, shrink-wrapping everything in one package is good (as it is hopefully well tested together). Is this package worth $90,000 per CPU?

There are definately camps of people who want to a) buy one solution, and b) piece together a solution.



2003-07-17 06:05:26
esoteric lingo
GA? GA'd?

I don't mind the other three-letter acronyms but these affect the whole point of the article

I mean I can guess GA = 'release' (or something like it) but if it was *just* that then you would have said 'release', right?

2003-07-17 06:46:26
esoteric lingo
I reckon it stands for "General Availability". But I'm just guessing.