Wednesday links

by Giles Turnbull

Nice to see an update to Notae, bringing a bunch of welcome new features to this notes- and snippets-storage app. It now supports web archives and PDFs, better tag navigation, and a Quick Note feature. In this new form, it competes more directly with Yojimbo. By way of a super-quick test, I important imported (ahem) all my Yojimbo notes into Notae 2 and did some messing around; Notae’s search is noticeably faster, in my opinion.

There’s also an update for SubEthaEdit, which is pretty much all about tabs. For those of you who’ve been crying out for more tabs everywhere you look, this is good news indeed. Funny; for years I craved more tabs in all the apps that didn’t have them, but when they appeared (in editors, mail clients and the like) I found I never used them. TextMate remains a strictly one-document-per-windows experience for me. Anyone else out there not fussed about tabbiness?

Finally, and spotted via, there’s PagePacker, a desktop app that produces a neat design-your-own fold-up Hipster PDA that you can clip into your new shiny orange iPod shuffle. Remind me: how did we survive before iPods?


2007-01-31 08:50:39
Personally, I have a hard time considering an application a competitor to Yojimbo unless it synchronises its database between my three Macs (i.e. search is a lot slower in Notae than in Yojimbo if the note I'm looking for is on another Mac :-)). I'm aware it's not a point for people who have only one machine, though.
2007-01-31 09:21:31
Giles: I think transforming "important" into a verb is too good and an innovation I admire very much. Whether it came from typing too fast or not, I don't care... I excellent you on that one. Plus: I agree with Ölb: Yojimbo is made for my 3 systems and is my final snippet solution for that reason alone.
2007-01-31 09:52:40
The only applications I ever use tabs on are web browsers and even then only when the tabs have realted pages on them. Every thing else is one window per document for me.
Tabs have there places, but I do think that they are becoming a bit over hyped of late.
2007-01-31 21:14:42
I just happened to have bought Notae about 30 minutes ago. I've tried them all, Yojimbo, Journler, all of the DEVON apps, you name it. Basically everything that pops up when you do a search on notebook on, but Notae was where it clicked. This app just worked for me.

Yes the .Mac synching really is a very neat feature, but for now I can work around it by "synching" it either via USB sticks or my iDisk (unfortunately Notae cannot access its files properly when opene from the iDisk directly).