Wednesday links

by Giles Turnbull

Objc-appscript is:

high-level Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications from Objective-C programs

Rixstep: You’ve just hosed your system, dude! You’re toast!

MacUser: Where is the Mac news?. A good question. News about some kind of update to Mac hardware - any Mac hardware - is long overdue from Apple. Before Christmas, I was pondering the purchase of a new machine about now, but I think I’m going to hang on a little longer.

A fun thread on the Camino forums asks: Who are you, Camino users?. The thread’s been open (and active) for months now… not too late to dive in.

UK Tinderbox users: look out for the forthcoming Tinderbox weekend in Cambridge. You couldn’t pick a better location.


2007-02-15 00:48:04
you know, Rixstep has a point. Technically. However, in - how many years since OS X public beta ? - I've never had a problems with this. Mac OS X will always ask you if you're going to overwrite anyway, so you have to be pretty dumb to do this.