Wednesday links

by Giles Turnbull

Panic are up to something, and they need your help.

Daniel Jalkut has released crossword helper Black Ink 1.0.

BlogMate is “the missing blogging palette in TextMate, kinda”, and comes with some warnings:

If you are looking for something more full-featured, I highly recommend Red Sweater Software’s excellent MarsEdit application. MarsEdit is mature, polished, full-featured, and well-supported. Four things that BlogMate is not. Yet.

Walt Mossberg on AppleTV:

We’ve been testing Apple TV for the past 10 days or so, and our verdict is that it’s a beautifully designed, easy-to-use product that should be very attractive to people with widescreen TV sets and lots of music, videos, and photos stored on computers. It has some notable limitations, but we really liked it. It is classic Apple: simple and elegant.

How to stop the eject button delay that was introduced in 10.4.9 affecting your use of the Control+Eject shortcut for bringing up the Shutdown dialog.

The English county of Somerset is not noted for its high crime rate, but if you’re ever using your Mac in public there, be careful.

And finally for today, another great British widget:


Mike Bremford’s Tube scrapes information from the official site of London’s Underground system, providing not-far-off real-time information about delays and line closures.