Wednesday links

by Giles Turnbull

Just two things to mention today, the first being the latest missive from Steve Jobs, “A Greener Apple”. In this essay, Steve stands up squarely against his environment critics and says Apple is one of the greenest computer companies around, and is determined to be even more environmentally-friendly in future:

Today is the first time we have openly discussed our plans to become a greener Apple. It will not be the last. We will be providing updates of our efforts and accomplishments at least annually, most likely around this time of the year. And we plan to bring other environmental issues to the table as well, such as the energy efficiency of the products in our industry. We are also beginning to explore the overall carbon "footprint" of our products, and may have some interesting data and issues to share later this year.

Steve Jobs isn’t exactly blogging, but what with this and the “Thoughts on Music” essay back in February, he’s being much more open about Apple’s plans, strategies and corporate opinions than previously. Is Apple opening up a little? I like to think so.

Elsewhere on the online communities map, Flickr has released Flickr Uploader 2.3:

This is an important upgrade which is a Universal Binary application, replacing the previous PPC version. This release has options to set your uploaded images based on content filters and also has some changes that make Uploadr start up faster than before.


Rob Rix
2007-05-02 15:31:38
I hope they are opening up somewhat; I don't mean to say that it'd be a good idea to announce all their products a year ahead of time, I think the current strategy is working in that regard, but I think part of being a responsible company is making sure you have nothing to hide, and then, well, not hiding it.

Also, honest statistics are always good.