Wednesday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

How to get Mail to export messages in mbox format. A nice tip.

Why I love Camino; not much to argue with here.

Office 2004 owners; make sure you grab the latest 11.2.5 update which contains some security and bug fixes.

How to create a quick slide show in Lightroom Beta 3.

Real world experiences with Win XP in Parallels Desktop: "I am delighted that I can get rid of two major heat generators and a lot of wiring and the electronic KVM box that I needed with the two machines (the G4 Mac and the HP PC). Now, I just have one computer running in my office, the 20-inch iMac Intel CoreDuo, and it doesn't generate all that much heat."

Automator Virtual Input gives Automator complete control over keyboard and mouse, so you can simulate clicks and key presses. Shareware, $25.

An astute observation in What is this Windows of which you speak: "Apple only needs to compete with its own prior best."