Wednesday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

Buddi is an open source Java-based personal finance app.

Loop Editor is a free basic editor of sound loops, built using CoreAudio.

Gus Mueller on Leopard: "Lots of stuff in there that's very compelling."

John Siracusa on the future of the file system: "The trend is clear: more, smaller files are coming to a Mac OS X disk near you."

Dave Winer complains that Apple shouldn't advertise Macs that don't crash, and he's right. That said, in my experience it's extremely rare for the Mac to crash. I can't remember the last time the whole computer locked up, or had a kernel panic. But apps certainly do crash often enough, which is when I'm so pleased that Apple thought to include the Force Quit menu item in the Finder.

Path Finder is now at version 4.5. This means Undo (yay!), multiple shelves, a labels editor, "superuser mode" and many more new features.

Come on Steve, just do it: "What Steve Jobs needs to do is outfit a mac mini with the software that does this out of the box. Make it as easy to use a mac mini as a set top box compliment/replacement as it is to use an iPod out of the box." Indeed.


2006-08-16 12:47:56
Loop Editor is free, they said. Then you click the "Download" link and you wind up at an oppressive EULA page that tells you that you have 15 days to register the software. WTF?
Jim Hillhouse
2006-08-16 15:15:21
Dave Winer is correct when he states that Macs do crash. But he is way off in claiming that they crash more often than Windows boxes. Nonesense! I run...oh, about 8 Macs, some as servers, some as testing machines, some just because they are worth more to me than money (offers accepted hoever) and the only one that crashes is my laptop, a MacBook Pro and that's because I'm a developer doing some crappy code that is touching the Finder and FileManager, so I get what I deserve and visa versa. The other 6 Macs have crashed, and I'm reaching back here for the last two years, only 2 times. And that's a guess--it could be never, or once. I don't remember dealing with a crash on them.

I don't know what Dave is doing to his Macs to make them crash more often than they should, but I'd bet, given the nature of his work, that is what is causing the problem. For regular, everyday folks, a Mac is much, much more stable than Windows.

Winer is still pissed off at Apple for Sherlock. I bet his Macs know that and are doing a lil' payback.

2006-08-16 20:40:15
Hi FARfetched...

Loop Editor is indeed free. As in, 100% without cost. They might have missed the EULA in error and included one from their other apps.

I know the developers and will check this and inform them of the oversight.