Wednesday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

DevonSync lets you synchronize two copies of DevonThink Pro (version 1.2 or higher) across a network or the internet.

Eric Schmidt, newly appointed member of Apple's board of directors, was once a researcher at Xerox PARC, and also worked for Sun and Novell before arriving at Google. Ben Metcalfe comments: "Clearly there would be a lot to gain if the two companies worker closer together - Apple has a massive media arm these days that Google is so desperate to get into. And Google effectively could become Apple's equivalent to Microsoft's Live - ensuring that Apple doesn't need to open up all new web divisions to offer products matched against Microsoft's take on Web 2.0."

Merlin Mann on shaking his hammy fist in impotent rage at iCal's numerous shortcomings: "Along the way I've discovered some modest ways to squeeze more drops of Cupertino-y goodness from its moist Jolly Rancher-like pages."

OmniWeb users might like to try out version 5.5 release candidate 1. If you prefer Camino, you can have fun with the MoreCamino prefpane.


2006-08-31 02:07:33
Hi Giles
Here is another link,, and an observation to boot: Mellel, the wordprocessor has been upgraded, and now you can write in full screen mode and they have changed the fileformat to XML. Nice.