Wednesday's links

by Giles Turnbull

There's a new bleeding edge version of TextMate out as of yesterday; Paul Bissex has some thoughts about it.

GROSX lets you subscribe to syndication feeds in Google Reader.

A snippet from Gary Krakow's review of Windows Vista Beta 2: "Beta 2 is a good looking operating system with a number of new features, which will be familiar to you if you've played with recent versions of Apple's OS X."

AppleScript for Beginners. I've been looking for a series like this for a while now...

Hot Mac? See the Intel Mac Temperature Database.

Some MacBook benchmarks that suggest it is a very powerful machine, given that it is aimed at the consumer market. "Contrary to bizarre rumor, the MacBook can indeed run Final Cut Pro, and it can run it quite well."

David Chess on his new MacBook: "And mostly I've got a new toy to play with. Pretty much it's just a standard Computer, but there are various odd and fun things (the peculiar noncontiguous keys, the glossy screen, the built-in camera that when you first power it on and start setting up it turns on so you can take an Account Portrait of yourself, which is really good User Experience and very Appley). It's small and light and fast and shiny."

Interesting to note Samsung's planned release of notebooks with solid-state storage instead of a hard disk - The Reg has details. Is a similar computer on any drawing boards at Apple? Would you want one?


2006-05-24 19:07:07
Is a similar computer on any drawing boards at Apple? Would you want one?

Ever seen how fast a Mac Classic boots when you hold down command-option-X-O at startup (i.e., boot from ROM)? Heck yeah, I want solid-state storage. So will you.