Week 10,11, & 12: Open Source XML Not-So-Much-Weekly Update

by M. David Peterson

In regards to the title, as anyone who writes code for a living understands, things don't always turn out the way you plan. 'nuf said. ;-)

So this is really more of a status update in regards to the ongoing Atom Publishing Protocol theme that has pretty much dominated much of my focus, both in blogging as well as code, for the last couple of weeks months. That said, there is one open source project that has really caught my eye as of late that I want to bring to your attention, and will do just that in wrap up at the end of this post.

As alluded to above, I've been heads down for the last who knows how many days/weeks/now months (I don't keep track <- obviously! ;-) with a fairly APP-focused frame of mind. Though it wouldn't and won't be obvious what I mean by this until it is (<- and thats pretty much all I can say on the matter (for the moment, anyway)), my professional development focus is becoming increasingly honed into finishing some fine-tuned details of several Vibe*-related projects, one of which we nearly launched recently, then decided to hold back to place attention on some detail work, much of which is directly related to the writing I've been doing on nuXleus:Xameleon (Amplee, AtomicXML, LiveClipboard, ModuleT, nuXleus, and so forth). I'm excited by all of this in ways that I can not describe. I hope when you see the result, you too will feel the same level of excitement. More on that when I am able.

In the mean time,