Week 6: Open Source XML Weekly Roundup

by M. David Peterson

So this week I am working on a more hands on post that highlights the usage of Ruby, XML, and the .NET platform. The Gardens Point Ruby.NET development team recently released beta 0.6, and I've been getting my hands dirty, attempting to integrate Saxon on .NET-based XSLT 2.0 transformations. So that was a miserable failure. NOTE-TO-SELF: Never assume ANYTHING!

So I'm going to rethink this a bit, and will be back once I have something a bit more exciting to showcase that goes beyond what I assumed would be a no brainer via the latest Ruby.NET release. It may very well be a no-brainer, but to put this nicely, the IKVM.NET lack-of-documentation looks like the Encyclopedia Britannica compared to the Gardens Point Ruby.NET lack-of-documentation... YIKES!

Will update this post once I have things in a bit better shape than what is currently the case.

In the mean time, in attempting to get caught up with some email, I noticed this comment from Dr. Michael Kay on the IKVM.NET group list, and I haven't been able to stop laughing since. It is most deserved as the Open Source XML Quote of the Week (which seems like an appropriate addition to each weekly post), and as such...

Open Source XML Quote of the Week

SourceForge.net: ikvm-developers

Thanks for the prompt reply (brilliant software, brilliant support, shame
about the documentation...)

Dr. Michael Kay to the IKVM.NET Mailing List

Back a bit later this evening with the mentioned code samples...