Week 7: Open Source XML Weekly Roundup

by M. David Peterson

So last weeks "Open Source XML" post was a complete flop -- well, that's not true, as it forced me to think about and work on another project of which the code is now in good enough shape to be considered usable, and as the next few days continue forward and I am able to finish up a few higher priority items, I plan to spend some more time on this project as to connect it back into the AtomicXML-foundation (which is where I pulled the initial code base to then extend from) that I have been sporadically working on for the last three years, to then begin integration of the AspectXML code base, pulling things all together into the Xameleon processing engine.

I've moved a good portion of the code base from ExtensibleForge.net into a Google Code-based project @ http://code.google.com/p/extf/. This now includes the Extf.Net.Base library (which is an early implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol > Sylvain and I, using Amplee as our API-guide, are working on bringing this same library in sync with the latest (final? seems possible) v0.13 draft of the APP spec.  However, with higher priorities at the moment, it will be next week before much progress is made on this particular section of the repository.