Week 8: Open Source XML Weekly Roundup

by M. David Peterson

So much to talk about, so little time, but none-the-less, let's get this party started ;)

Amplee, IronPython, ASP.NET, WSGI, AtomicXML, and Xameleon Update


So both Sylvain and I have been jamming away at the integration of Amplee, IronPython, ASP.NET, WSGI, AtomicXML, and Xameleon. Attempting to merge together such a cross-section of various technologies, as you can imagine, has been interesting. None-the-less, we have things working pretty well at this stage, and have in the works an update to last weeks OSS XML Weekly Roundup, in which I will be providing all of the juicy new details in regards to progress. That said, if you would like to start peaking through the curtains to see what we have in store, please feel free: http://extf.googlecode.com/svn/branches/

Sylvain has already finished the first tutorial as it relates to getting Amplee running via IronPython and WSGI, and when he comes back online here in a few hours, we plan to continue forward fine tuning the API we are collaborative working on to integrate AtomicXML with Amplee via the Xameleon XML processing engine. And has he has pointed out at the bottom of the above linked post,