Weekly Discussion Topics

by Steve Mallett

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OSDir once had a forum section, but it was somewhat short lived. In hindsight it was too much, at once, and without a clear focus.

Given some time to ponder this I'd like to begin again in what I think is a much better arrangement. I do some work with Java.net & their forums have been successful. They have a weekly discussion topic which is very focused. This, I feel, is a good way to start a discussion board in a world where everyone has carte blanche forum boards.

In addition, since we started our screenshot service we've been looking at a way to open discussion about these new beta linux distros & apps. We will start a discussion for these as well. There is certainly lots to discuss in this area so we'll open this up for conversation.

It's my hope you find this interesting and engaging, that you find a few friends here, that you find valuable conversations, and contribute to them as well. Enjoy!

And so, the first topic of discussion: What would your ideal "Intro to Open Source" presentation look like?: I attended the worst "Intro to Open Source" presentation of my life last night at a local business event thing and hence the topic.

I think there may be good reason for a few, on topic, open source presentations that advocates around the world could use to do a good & interesting presentation that hits the major points depending on who the audience is.

So, if there were going to be such a thing.. what would you include, not include, do, not do, etc etc?


2007-02-05 02:01:13
what is your opinion about web 2.0.... advantages?