Welcome back, Apple Garamond

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

The good people at Apple have just changed the Apple.com welcome page to honor Rosa Parks, complete with a very nicely written article about her life and her accomplishments.

As with any unexpected Apple.com change, the news made a splash in the Macintosh world and the repressed PR guy in me jumped from forum to forum, bulletin board to bulletin board to see what the public at large would think of the campaign.

As was to be expected, a vast majority of users celebrate the return of "Think different", Apple's most striking recent campaign and the one that soldered millions of users around the then ailing company — and the only ad campaign I think struck the perfect note in a very long time, across all industries.

Looking closely at the picture however, you will notice "Think Different" is written in Apple Garamond, just like in the good old days. In some attempt at modernity, so as to signify the image wasn't pulled "as is" from some archive, the tagline at the bottom left is written in Myriad.

This simple fact, this simple font has got Mac users talking and raving all around the web. While we all agree Myriad is a very nice font (I routinely use it myself, on the Zone and at Antonia), Apple Garamond is still very present in the minds of millions of computer users around the world. In fact, for many of them, Apple is Apple Garamond and that impression is apparently not about to die.

It is true that Apple Garamond is a strikingly beautiful font — very legible, classy, slightly uncanny —, much like Myriad is today. Apple Garamond had something more, though, in that it was an "Apple font", which Myriad cannot claim — OK, font experts will tell you there are dozens of versions of Myriad out there but the carefree eye doesn't necessarily catch the subtle differences.

So, let's all marvel at what might be Apple Garamond's last outing. On behalf of the Macintosh world, we love you!

Oh, by the way: those of you who have watched Steve's introduction of the new iMac may have noticed more is to be expected from Apple font-wise.


2005-10-26 07:34:23
Garamond for download
Isn't possible to download a legitimate version of something approximating Garamond? Does anyone have a link?
2005-10-26 13:20:23
Garamond for download
There was a hint some years ago that talked about opening up one of the legally obtained public Apple utilities to "extract" a copy of the Apple Garamond font that was included. Since the utility was legally obtained, the font is also legal, essentially for "download" as a free font.

Can't find the instructions quickly though.

2005-10-26 13:25:30
Garamond for download
Here's the article (http://forums.osxfaq.com/viewtopic.php?t=3638) . Sadly, it no longer works, because SetupAssistant no longer has the Apple Garamond font embedded.
2005-10-26 14:38:00
Apple Garamond
Actually, if you have a Macintosh, it should already be there, minus Apple's subtle tweaks.

That is, you can use Garamond just not Apple's version.

It's still a great font but for print only. Its subtlety is lost on the screen.

Hope that helps.