Welcome Back to Skype Journal

by Bruce Stewart

It's great to see that Phil Wolff, Jim Courtney and the other good folks at Skype Journal are back online after more than a month-long hiatus. It sounds like it was a combination of holidays, technical, and personal hurdles that took them off the air, and I know I'm not the only one that is glad to see them back in my RSS feed. The blogosphere was worried, which is a real sign that Skype Journal has been publishing important and useful information and commentary. They're obvioulsy still working on the new site, I notice some of the archive links aren't working correctly and the layout is pretty minimalist at the moment, but no doubt those things will get ironed out in short order. Phil mentions that 2007 is the year they plan to move Skype Journal from a full-time hobby to a thriving business, and I look forward to seeing how the site and business develop.