Welcome to the... First Day Vista Updates?

by Todd Ogasawara

First set of Vista updatesSo, you just installed your nice shiny Microsoft Windows Vista. And, the first thing that happens is... Well, I'm not sure since I've been running mine for a while. But, when I took a look at my PC running Vista Ultimate Edition shortly after midnight PST, I was greeted with a Windows Update message telling me I had one important update, four recommended updates, one optional update, and a pair of Ultimate Extras.

I installed the critical updates, the BlitLocker/EFS enhancements and Hold Em Poker Game. I didn't install the one optional update available. Then, yup, you still have to reboot after critical updates. That little annoyance still hasn't been solved. Maybe, next time...

The Extras, btw, will only be available for Ultimate Edition and maybe Enterprise Edition. For reasons I don't understand, BitLocker is not available for Business Edition.

I hope all the new first-day Vista users have fun after the little update delay.


2007-02-06 14:37:34
I hate VISTA.
2007-02-26 03:22:12
Just completed updates on my brand new £1300 laptop - before updates ran great... after - blue screen of Death! - nice to see some things with windows haven't changed. After 2 days had to revert to factory set ups - no more updates for me!
Todd Ogasawara
2007-02-26 08:06:54
ANON: First, aargh... Second, you might want to consider returning the notebook instead of ignoring future Windows Vista updates. It would not be prudent to ignore the security patches.
2007-03-08 12:10:29
Vista sucks! All that fuss, for what?
2007-03-25 10:55:21
Todd Ogasawara
2007-03-25 12:50:21
Andrew: I'm certainly no Microsoft apologist. But, it is extremely unlikely that Windows Vista does not run ANY of your applications. Could you list ALL your applications? And, please press the Caps Lock key. Reading all caps is more difficult than reading mixed case.
2007-03-27 09:54:52
i have already wasted to much of my life on vista freezing, crashing and not being compatible it is the worst piece of crap OS ever made i hope microsoft goes down the shitter on this one.right now my vista computer sits in the corner collecting dust because no programs can be used on it.
2007-04-01 21:09:05
Well, so far I have to say, I am totally disappointed in Vista. I've only had my shiny new laptop for four days and already I've had my hard drive crash and burn. My laptop replaced and headaches to follow. It seems that whenever I want to install software, i.e., Itunes, Nero, I have a problem. Nero wiped out my cd rom driver and Itunes took out my sound driver. What gives? After spending countless hours rescusitating my comp, I am now fearful of installing anything else. I really do hope Microsoft resolves these issues and whatever else may be lingering about.
2007-04-13 14:44:54
I just got a windows vista laptop for my birthday and i purchased Rome total war the pc game assuming it should run even better than my previous laptop which did not meet system requirements to my great annoyance and dissapointment when i installed the game all i hear is sound but the screen is completely black what do i do i got a new laptop to specificly play games that may have previosly given me system requirement hassle.
2007-04-20 07:57:19
2007-04-30 12:16:47
Personally I have been a windows supporter all my life till now. Having the same shit as everyone else and none of my programs seem to work with vista. Just bought the latest Sony Vaio and now i am forced to go and find Sony and plead them to install XP instead of Vista. This is the last time I buy a PC... from now on its Mac.
2007-05-01 17:56:06
I must say, I agree with most of the people out there who are posting comments about Vista. We purchased a new computer that was "Windows Vista compatible." Once purchasing the computer, we realized that you had to send off for the CD's for the upgrade. (how I wish that I wouldn't have done that.) After installing this miserable operating system, I soon realize that it does not come with Microsoft Word, Excel, nothing! Not even games!! That really blows! So, documents that I had for Word, etc. would not operate (obviously) I want XP back. Badly. I have read some where that you cannot delete Vista, only copy over it which in all reality would be "OK" I suppose. Although I would like to completely delete it and forget that it even is out there. There are numerous programs that are not Vista compatible as well, which really causes more headache than anything. Keep in mind, "some" work....but not all. Last but not least....all in all....DON'T UPGRADE TO VISTA. Save yourself the headache, the time AND the money!!!
2007-05-04 15:33:24
Sorry to break this to you but XP does not come with Word, Excel, etc due to those applications belonging to the Microsoft Office package and not the Windows package! Windows is an OPERATING SYSTEM and does not include any of the Office applications such as Word, Excel, etc. These are additional packages that may have been provided by the manufacturer of your PC, and certainly not in the basic operating system. You simply need to reinstall them from the media that you would have been supplied with or if no media was supplied, on the machine will be a license key for the Office packages and you can simply use any of the corresponding media for the license key to reinstall them again. This is nothing to do with Vista at all, so you cannot put any blame on it period.

Make sure that the drivers for your notebook are available for Vista before installing it. Saves a lot of hassles upfront. When any new operating system is released, lack if drivers is the main problem. I made sure that all the drivers for my Toshiba notebook were available specifically for Vista (as well as any peripheral devices) before installing the Ultimate Edition, and I have had NO problems what so ever in the 3 months that I have been running the full release version here. Certainly a LOT better than the original release of XP ever was!

Does Sony have Vista drivers for your model notebook? If not then that is your problem and you should take it up with Sony as they are the ones that write the drivers (or customise manufacturers drivers for their own use) and not Microsoft.

Unless your programs are ancient I do not believe that NONE of them run. Have you ever heard of compatibility mode? Easy to implement by right clicking the exe file for the application then click the compatibility tab and select the previous operating system from the drop down menu. I have not found ANY application that is not over 4 years old not to run or operate properly by using this system. MS Office 2003 & upwards all work fine, as do Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro, Photoshop CS & CS2 (CS needed to be installed in compatibility mode but once this has been done it runs perfectly fine), Nero Burning Rom 7, etc, etc.

Sounds like your notebook doesn't have true Vista compatiable drivers available for it. The Nero issue is easily solved by going into the Registry, search for UpperFilters and LowerFilters, when found delete both entires & reboot. Problem solved. If iTunes is removing your sound card driver then that is a problem with the driver, as iTunes works perfectly fine here on all the machines running Vista (including the machine I am typing this in on) and was running versions of iTunes that according to Apple wouldn't work with Vista!!!

Again sounds like you haven't checked for Vista certified drivers for your system.

You say you bought a notebook specifically to play games? Did you make sure that the graphics module on the notebook was using a non-default driver as the WDDM drivers provided within Vista itself are not hardware accelerated at all outside of Vista's own Aero interface. You will need to check with your notebook manufacturer for a specific Vista driver for your graphics module else you will not get any display from any games that require hardware acceleration. If you have an ATI module built into the notebook there are ways of using the desktop catalyst drivers on it. Google "ATI Vista Catalyst Modder" & you should be able to find it. Works a treat under Vista using the desktop driver on the Mobility Radeon modules (don't install the Catalyst COntrol Centre though as it will cause an error message upon restarting or shutting the notebook down).

All in all, during the past 3 months that I have used the full retail release of Vista Ultimate I can honestly say that I will NOT be going back to XP. The system has not slowed down whatsoever & everything operates perfectly fine. Toshiba have provided drivers for the model notebook I use and it is only "Vista Ready" according to the branding, and not branded as "Vista Premium Ready", yet it scores a 4.0 on the System Performance rating & runs the Aero interface perfectly fine with no problems or slowdowns. I thought that this site was for IT Professionals though, yet I am seeing a hell of a lot of people claiming they had to pay someone to install XP back onto their systems or they didn't realise that Word & Excel are not part of Windows itself????? Not very IT Prfessional if you ask me if people have no idea what they are talking about & moaning simply becuase of their own errors.

Chris M
2007-05-09 04:48:24
I have to agree with Darren on most of his comments. Indeed if you have to pay someone to install an operating system for you, maybe you should only comment on the 'pretty-ness' of the OS rather than a thread topic that is Vista updates.

I have only used Vista on a couple of occassions up to now, but I am downloading it for when I have finished my exams. (yes, it is legal from MSDN). My only concern so far with it is that if you actually know what you want to do, it can sometimes cause a problem. For example, all I wanted to do was ensure my wireless network had a correct IP assigned to it and it took me about five minutes to find it. Maybe after abit longer on it these problems will disappear, we'll find out soon enough...

BUT, back to the thread topic on updates - I was wondering if any one knew if it was possible to download updates without having the OS installed? It would be easier for me if I could download the updates now before I get to install it, as I am moving shortly and may not have an internet connection immediately available...

David B
2007-05-23 06:00:23
I just wanted to say a few things about vista. I'm not an IT Professional or anything.

The reason I installed vista was because I have an extra computer and because I got it for free. Could only install vista basic cause only 512ram.

-Im I happy with vista basic? yes, would be no if I payed for it:)
-Would I pay for Vista? no
-Will I keep vista? yes
-Is vista slower than xp? I find it is slower to load things, maybe because of my 512ram
-Problems running programs? yep, but so far found solutions for all the programs.

David B
2007-05-23 06:05:07
oh ya, forgot to say. Why are IT professionals using nero. Thats a pretty basic program that is limited in many ways.
2007-06-07 19:26:13
Been playing with Vista for a while and it seems to work great. I ran into problems with the latest ATI Catalyst drivers. Removing Catalyst Control Center seemed to resolve some of my issues as mentioned in a previous post but I still have problems.

vineet kumar
2007-06-30 02:51:50
well,it was all new and interesting when i started woking on vista but within few days i realised the countless number of loopholes coming one by one.oh i can't write any more becouse now it has become clear to everyone.
mark evans
2007-07-04 15:37:35
plese tell Bill gate post that i can desigin a new windows operating system for him, not like the shabby effort that i have just wasted ££££,s on....
2007-07-27 02:22:05
Chris M:
Yes, by having a Windows Server computer and installing & configuring WSUS 3.0 :) That's one way I know.
Maybe not worth it though.
About Vista: I like it, and I think most of the people who actually understand something about computers can use it without any problems. Remember folks, PC is _NOT_ a toaster. It's high-tech which means you'll might have to study things, about drivers, OS, hardware etc.
2007-08-01 11:17:59
vista crap how to get rid

2007-09-18 16:45:04
just got a new laptop with vista. tried to install updates when turning the laptop off but literally left it over night and it still wasnt installed. then i tried checking for updates but that as well just searches to no avail. anyone able to help?
2007-11-05 07:05:26
installed the lasted version of itunes with my toshiba i just bought with windows vista and now i have no sound, my sound card says it's working properly and i have turned up the volume, but nothing is happening.
2007-12-16 23:36:32
I would like to meet the man that thought up vista and smack him with my laptop,
i don't have a lot of money but I would have been better off throwing my money in the rubbish bin than waist it on windows vista, so my advise to anyone thinking of getting vistas is DON'T !!!!