Welcome to the New O'Reilly Network SysAdmin Site!

by chromatic

Hello, readers. With great pleasure I introduce the revamped and reworked O'Reilly Network Sysadmin site. We've revised the site display to feature the knowledge, opinions, and wisdom of our expert webloggers as well as to give you better access to newer, fresher information.

Our goal is to update the site several times a week with new postings from our webloggers as well as original articles and links to useful information elsewhere.

We're still in transition putting all of the pieces together (and gathering varied articles from several years of the O'Reilly Network to present in a meaningful and useful way), but we'll have everything up and running in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to let us know what we're doing right, where we can improve, which projects and authors to watch and to recruit in the comments section here, or by mailing me directly at chromatic@oreilly.com.

Thanks for reading!